2020 Rotary Thanksgiving Roses

2020 Rotary Thanksgiving Roses


What You Are Buying – A dozen long-stem roses, carefully wrapped with a water-soaked sponge to maintain freshness.  A pouch of preservative is included.
Each order is for a single delivery address, for one or more dozen roses.  If you need deliveries to more than one address, make a separate order for each delivery address.  Each order can also have a printed message card with your personal wording.
You provide all details at the checkout page.

Delivery Areas – Roses are delivered within Waterloo Region and Guelph by volunteers.  Orders of multiple roses delivered to a single address are much appreciated, to help us use volunteer time more efficiently.

Deliveries outside of Cambridge, K-W, Ayr, and Guelph may be undeliverable, and in those cases the purchase price will be refunded.

Delivery Dates

Tues,Oct.6 Kitchener/Waterloo
Wed,Oct.7 Cambridge
Thur,Oct.8 Guelph/Ayr

Though there is no specific delivery time-of-day, expect them to arrive between 9am and 5pm.  If there is nobody at the drop-off address, they will be left in as secure a location as possible.  Roses are wrapped and arranged with a water-soaked foam sponge to keep them fresh.

Message Card – There is one optional message card for each order, with a place to put “To” and “From”.  If you need multiple different message cards, please make a separate order for each one, even if they are going to the same delivery address.

Rotary Contact – There is a field on the order form to specify the club member you are ordering from.  There is a selection for None, but if you are buying through a member it is important that you pick their name from the list.


Thank You for making our work possible !